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If you would like to become a paragliding pilot or improve your paragliding skills, you are in the right place.

At Andlfy, we offer you paragliding courses designed for everyone, from beginners to those looking for more advanced paragliding courses. Our expert instructors will guide you step by step so you can experience the excitement and freedom of flying.

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Aimed at those people who want to learn to paraglide from scratch.

Advanced paragliding course

Aimed at those people who have taken the initiation course or have experience in paragliding.

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Courses to be a paragliding pilot

At AndFly we have 3 introductory courses, each one designed to assimilate the learning of certain knowledge and skills with paragliding.

IMPORTANT: If you want to become a paragliding pilot independently, you must successfully pass the first two courses (first two phases). Phase 3 is optional for those people who want to have more in-depth training.

We have divided this general initiation phase into three phases so that you can manage your time in the most comfortable way for you.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Fase 1

Fase 2

Fase 3

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Phase 1 Course

Paragliding initiation course

This course is focused on all those people who want to get started in the world of paragliding.

You will learn in an easy, progressive and, above all, safe way.

Our Theoretical and practical classes will be useful to obtain all the basic knowledge of flight.

The registration fee includes a technical book, Paragliding initiation, by Mario Arqué, Perfils publishing house.

The introductory course consists of 6 blocks:

Basic theory of meteorology, aerology, aerodynamics, safety and air traffic regulations.

This level we will learn to control our paraglider.

Short flights, it is about making small descents to take your feet off the ground and learn to land.

Educational tandem paragliding flights. You will fly with an instructor or monitor who will explain the ideal way to pilot and evaluate your skills to “drive” the sail, optimizing navigation and avoiding sudden gestures.

High altitude flight. You will perform high-altitude descent flights, where you will learn to master piloting, approach and landing. All this guided by our instructors.

Exam with 25 questions of everything learned in the course.

From this point you will be on the path to becoming an autonomous pilot.

Progress to be a pilot

*This course includes accident insurance, RC and equipment.

Phase 1 Course

Paragliding pilot progression course

This course is focused on all those people who have satisfactorily passed the INITIATION course.

You will be guided by one of our instructors or monitors but without constant guidelines.

The objective of this course is to make you autonomous, making the necessary decisions to take off, make your flight and land safely.

At the end of this course you will be trained to fly in any area and you will obtain the title of “CLUB Pilot

* It is essential to have your own equipment.

Progress to be a pilot

*This course includes accident insurance, RC and equipment.

Phase 3 Course

Paragliding Pilot Improvement Course

The objective of this course is for the student to learn how to take advantage of updrafts (slopes and thermals) and to be able to recognize possible alternative landings during their flight.

Know how to pull, fold and place the emergency parachute in your chair.

Prepare the student for the exam to obtain the pilot title.

Both the theoretical and practical part.

Duration: Until you make 50 flights or 25 hours of flight.

Progress to be a pilot

*This course includes accident insurance, RC and equipment.



flight zones

The areas where we fly

Advanced course

Paragliding leveling course

Intended for those pilots who have been flying certified by a club or expert pilot for more than two years, and want to obtain the federative technical accreditation of “CLUB Pilot” for paragliding.

During this course, the instructor will supervise two high-altitude flights and evaluate the takeoff, in-flight maneuvers (ears, throttle and spiral), approach, landing and theoretical exam.

Duration: 2 days.

*This course includes accident insurance, RC and equipment.



Hello, my name is Saud Carreira Ramírez, aerobatic and paragliding pilot. Resident in Antequera and born in Lucena, Córdoba. I started flying when I was 17 years old, since then I haven’t stopped flying around the world, participating in acrobatic rallies and championships.

My greatest motivation at school is to be able to teach paragliding to anyone who wants to learn with quality and safe teaching.

Saúl Carreira 

Acrobatic Pilot and Tandem Paragliding Pilot.


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Maria del carmen González
Maria del carmen González
10 Abril 2023
Muy buena experiencia, el trato inmejorable,volveremos a repetir sin duda.RECOMENDABLE 100%.
Sandra Chamizo Lopez
Sandra Chamizo Lopez
6 Abril 2023
muy divertido y muy buen trato. Repetiría
Manuel Moreno
Manuel Moreno
6 Abril 2023
Muy profesionales y divertidos la experiencia ha merecido la pena
yoly nolasco
yoly nolasco
6 Abril 2023
Una experiencia increible, ha sido un gustazo volar con Saúl y sin duda repetiré.
Sergio Santana Salas
Sergio Santana Salas
3 Abril 2023
La experiencia junto a Saúl y el equipo ha sido increíble, 100% recomendable. Nos vemos pronto para un próximo vuelo 🪂
Paola Adames
Paola Adames
30 Marzo 2023
La experiencia fue inmejorable desde principio a fin. Desde el momento que contacté a Andfly, Saul fue profesional, a la vez que atento, cercano, flexible y paciente con mis miles de preguntas. Me dio seguridad y confianza desde el principio y eso fue clave para el día del vuelo en biplaza sentirme cómoda y tranquila. Durante todo el vuelo estuvo tan atento y profesional como lo había sido ya en la organización de la salida. Lo recomiendo al 200%.
Sandra Escope
Sandra Escope
26 Marzo 2023
These guys are awesome! They were very friendly and professional. They have a meeting point at first so they can guide you properly on where the actual location is. Their priority is your safety and enjoyment.
Martin Palparan
Martin Palparan
26 Marzo 2023
Increíble ,recomendable para todos súper profesionales amables el profesor con mucha experiencia de vuelo para repetir sin dudas una experiencia inolvidable
Naomi Ro
Naomi Ro
24 Marzo 2023
Best possible experience. Very relaxed instructors and great location
Rooker Chandler Mears
Rooker Chandler Mears
22 Marzo 2023

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