About us

Located in the town of Antequera, Andalusia, Spain in the center of Andalusia to reach all the flight points in the region, it is an ideal destination to practice paragliding with good weather.

Who is behind Andfly Parapente?

My name is Saúl Carreira Ramírez, aerobatic and paragliding pilot. Resident in Antequera and born in Lucena, Córdoba. I started flying when I was 17, and since then I haven’t stopped flying around the world, participating in aerobatic rallies and championships.

The idea of ​​founding the school arose from my passion for paragliding to turn it into my way of life (this journey began in 2018).

My greatest motivation at school is to be able to teach paragliding to anyone who wants to learn with quality and safe teaching.

We offer variety, professionalism and security.

We have different courses for learning to fly paragliding, depending on the level of the pilot or two-seater flights with different options. Always with the greatest security, backed by accident and liability insurance.

We have professional instructors, with thousands of flight hours.

Our clients can trust us because we have all our insurance in force, we are a company registered in Active Tourism of Andalusia, we are recognized by the FEADA (Andalusian Federation of Air Sports).

We have high-class pilots and instructors with many hours of flying and teaching.

Hire a service with the best paragliding company in Andalusia.

Don’t wait any longer, come fly with us.


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